Maria Bopp Nude in Me Chama De Bruna s02e07 (2017)

Maria Bopp stumbles into a bedroom, clearly intoxicated, and collapses onto a bed. A guy enters the room and spreads her legs, giving us a glimpse of her panties. He then flips her over and positions her bent over the bed, hiking up her skirt and grabbing and squeezing her ass. Eventually, he pulls her panties to the side and they begin having sex. In the midst of their encounter, another guy unexpectedly walks in and pushes him off of her. Maria has some brief flashbacks as they continue to have sex. Later, Maria is shown sitting naked in a bathtub, revealing her breasts, as a guy washes her with a sponge and engages in conversation with her. The scene transitions to Maria waking up next to a guy and climbing on top of him, initiating sex. She starts riding him while wearing a see-through white t-shirt that exposes her breasts. Eventually, she collapses against his chest, both of them satisfied. In another scene, Maria passionately kisses a guy in a kitchen while dressed in skimpy grey shorts and a t-shirt without a bra. He turns her around, pushing her against the counter, and begins playing with her breasts and grabbing her ass. Their intimate moment is interrupted by a ringing cell phone, causing Maria to become annoyed and walk away. Next, Maria gets out of bed wearing a braless top and skimpy thong-like panties that accentuate her ass. She wanders around the house, exploring different rooms, and is eventually seen topless as she selects a t-shirt from a clothing rack and puts it on. Lastly, Maria wakes up topless on a bed, wearing blue panties that reveal a hint of a cameltoe. She slowly gets out of bed and enters another room with an indoor pool. She steps into the water and swims around a bit underwater.