Olivia Wilde Sex and Stripping in Third Person (2013)

Olivia Wilde discreetly changing outfits in the back seat of a car while the driver glances at her through the rear-view mirror. First, she swaps her grey bra for a more alluring one, revealing a hint of cleavage and playfully adjusting her breasts. Then, as she starts to remove her pants, we catch a glimpse of her panties. Later, Olivia is carried over a guy's shoulder into a hotel room, where he gently lays her down on a bed and removes her shirt. She flaunts her cleavage in her bra as the guy climbs on top of her and they engage in an intimate moment. Towards the end, Olivia's left nipple teasingly peeks out from her bra. Afterward, Olivia gets out of bed and simultaneously takes off her shirt while walking into a bathroom, briefly exposing her right breast from the side as she goes topless. She then stands in the doorway of a guy's hotel room, dropping her bathrobe to the floor, giving us a tantalizing view of her bare butt from behind. She gracefully bends down to pick up the robe before handing it to the guy, standing confidently naked with her breasts on display before he closes the door. The guy slides a key under the door, prompting Olivia to dash down the hallway completely nude, eventually opting for the stairs instead of the elevator. As she hurries through another corridor and into her room, we catch another glimpse of her naked body as she jumps into bed, briefly revealing her left breast. Lastly, Olivia removes her sweater, briefly exposing her bra, as she gets ready to take a shower. Later, she sits up in bed, completely naked, holding a sheet to her chest. As she stands up, her bare butt is reflected in a mirror beside the bed.